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    Bone Marrow Biopsy?

So you need a bone marrow biopsy, and you're nervous because you've heard just how painful it can be. In addition to the pain, you probably feel anxious about the biopsy results.

There IS a better way

While we can’t control the results of your test, we can improve your biopsy experience with a faster, more effective, less painful way 1234 of biopsying the bone marrow. It’s called the ARROW® OnControl® Powered Bone Marrow Biopsy System, and patients biopsied with this system report significantly less patient pain during and after the procedure, as compared to manual bone marrow biopsy procedures. And it’s faster and more effective too!1234 The procedure time is less than half of manual bone marrow procedures,12 and yields larger specimens that provide your doctor with more usable area for diagnosis. 1

With a faster procedure, significantly less pain, and larger specimens that assist clinicians in making the diagnosis – Why wouldn’t you ask for the OnControl System?

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